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Amway Development and production of 450 high quality Amway products worldwide ranging from home care, cosmetics and beauty to wellness and nutrition.

CieL parfum Perfumery, cosmeceutic production and decorative cosmetics

Coral Club International Nutritional supplements, organic and personal care products

Faberlic Cosmetics, make-up, perfumery

Herbalife International RS Products for balanced nutrition, good wellbeing and personal care

JAFRA Cosmetics Int Skin care products, make up products, professional cosmetics and perfumes.

LR Health & Beauty Systems Cosmetics, perfumery and nutritional products

Mary Kay Personal care (cosmetics, fragrances, skin care products)

MIRRA Cosmetics, perfumery and nutritional products

Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice, Personal care products

Nu Skin Enterprises Personal care and nutritional supplement

Oriflame Cosmetics Cosmetics and personal care products

PM-International Personal care and nutritional supplement

Tentorium Different kinds of dragees, honeys and honey blends, creams and balms based on bee products and different phitocomponents

Tiens Food supplements, Personal care, Home care products, Wellness Equipment

Tupperware Qualitative plastic crockery

Forever Living Products Aloe Vera products

Jeunesse Global Nutritional Supplements, Skincare

Accord Post Accord Post is a direct-marketing service company, occupied with logistics, non-registered and registered correspondence distribution, supporting direct mail, financial and telecommunication companies, advertising and BTL-agencies.

AlliancePrint Printing services.

Aon Rus - Insurance brokers LLC Risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human capital consulting.

Filuet RS Contract logistics service provider.