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About Direct Selling / Consumer Information

Consumer Information

Direct salespeople can sell you products or services, or show you how to become a salesperson yourself. DSA member companies deliver extra value because they have pledged to abide by the DSA Code of Ethics and are committed to treating consumers of their products and of their opportunities ethically and fairly.

There are many advantages to buying from direct salespeople associated with legitimate companies. Direct sellers can arrange their calls to fit your busy schedule and can deliver your purchases directly to you. Direct salespeople are knowledgeable about their products and take the time to personally demonstrate and explain their products to you.

When you purchase a product or a service from a representative associated with a member company of the Direct Selling Association, you can rest assured that the salesperson will follow fair consumer practices.

Salespeople representing DSA member companies will:

  • Tell you who they are, why they're approaching you and what products they are selling.
  • Explain how to return a product or cancel an order.
  • Respect your privacy by calling at times that best suit your convenience and wishes.
  • Respect your right to end a sales call.

When you make a purchase, you can count on DSA's member company salespeople to provide you with:

  • Accurate and truthful information on the price, quality, performance, quantity and availability of their products or services.
  • A written receipt in clear language.
  • Their own name and address and/or the name and address of the company they represent.
  • A complete description of any warranty or guarantee, limited or full.

You can count on DSA member companies to:

  • Make sure all testimonials and endorsements are truthful, current and authorized by the person or organization quoted.
  • Base any product claims on substantiated facts.