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About Direct Selling / Potential Direct Selling Opportunites

Potential Direct Selling Opportunites

The 21st-Century Career: Direct Selling

More and more Russians are abandoning the corporate world and going into business for themselves. In fact, entrepreneurship may well be the definitive trend of the Ď90s even the 21st Century.

There are many attractions, including:

  • flexible hours
  • the autonomy of being your own boss
  • no more harrowing and time-consuming commutes
  • no worries about downsizing
  • working from the comfort of your own home
  • no office politics
  • increased family time
  • ample opportunity for self determination

One of the most popular ways to work for yourself, but without the risks and stresses of being by yourself, is to become a direct seller. In direct selling, products and services are marketed directly to customers, generally in their homes or the homes of others, through personal explanation and demonstration.

Direct sellers are independent contractors, which means you work when and if you want to, and you earn in proportion to your efforts. You have the backing of an established company that provides training and advice whenever you need it. More than 4,500,000 Russians associated with the DSA member companies enjoy rewarding part-time or full-time careers in direct sales, now generating around $3.5-billion in retail sales a year.
Set for Success

The emphasis in direct selling is on the individual and an ability to motivate others. Each independent sales contractor or distributor sets personal goals and objectives, and works as much as she or he chooses. Success depends only on individual ambition and willingness to work. The only prerequisites are an interest in people and a desire to earn additional income. There are no restrictions to a career in direct sales an equal opportunity is open to all without regard to age, gender, race, education, marital status, or previous experience.

People from literally all walks of life, of all ages, are successful in direct sales. About 80% of those working in direct sales are women. Many people start part time and later leave their other careers when direct selling becomes more lucrative.

How to Get Started

Identify a direct selling company and product(s) that appeal to you.

Check our list of member companies. Keep in mind that not all direct selling companies belong to the Direct Selling Association (DSA). But those who do pledge to abide by the DSAís Codes of Ethics the cornerstone of the Associationís commitment to ethical business practices and consumer service.

Ask questions, such as:

  • What start-up investment is required?
  • What training does the company offer? Choose a company that invests in training. Itís your best guarantee of being prepared to do your best.
  • What is the compensation structure? Get all the facts about bonuses, profits, commissions and responsibilities.
  • What are the companyís product guarantees and return policies? Theyíll be important to your customers and to you.
  • How do other salespeople feel about the company? Check with them, or ask the company to provide histories of people in the business.
  • What happens if you change your mind and want to leave the company? The DSA Codes of Ethics requires that member companies repurchase marketable inventory and sales aids purchased within the past 12 months by salespeople who want to leave the business at not less than 90% of the price paid, less any bonuses or commissions already paid.
Other Advantages of a Career in Direct Selling

  • recognition of your efforts
  • tangible incentives/rewards to succeed
  • meet people and make new friends
  • establish yourself in your community
  • work around the other important aspects of your life
  • peace of mind while selling, because the quality of the products is guaranteed (protects you and your customers)
  • opportunity to build security, self esteem and self confidence
  • unlimited potential for growth, both personal and financial
  • itís fun!

Just Give It a Try!

Itís easy to get started in direct selling because you probably already have the basics: an interest in people and a desire to succeed. Youíll be taught the rest, and youíll earn as you learn. Direct selling may answer your dream of running your own business with little risk and strong corporate support.

The cornerstone of the Associationís commitment to ethical business practices and consumer service is its Code of Ethics. Every member company pledges to abide by the Code standards and procedures as a condition of admission and continuing membership in the Association.